Kennen how to play

kennen how to play

SKT T1 MaRin, Challenger on KR shows us how to play Kennen in a ranked game, toplane against Riven. Trying to pick up a old main since I'm a top lane main for a ranked team and I completely forgot how to play him also I'm really confused with the. I'm trying to learn some top laners to add to my champion pool, and as an ADC main, I'm really interested in Kennen. I have a few questions.

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Kennen is my favorite champion by far and his kit enjoyable and amazing. Tryndamere Ultimate lets him not die for a specific amount, but you can burst him down and let him not hit the ultimate because he would be stunned Tryndamere's W slows you down if your back is facing him. Try to go early AD Doran's Going the korean build seems great to splitpush and kite Nasus. Take control of it Similar to nidalee His stealth wont help him vs your CC burst. God Fist Lee Sin kennen how to play

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888 poker promo code canada You only deal comparable damage if you manage to keep enemies inside for the whole duration. Wiki discussions and announcements League of Legends discussions Help desk. What else you need? Is their ultimate on cooldown? Lux can do some serious damage to you. This technique let you avoid all damage. Most Zacs would rush spirit visage so this is very helpful.
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Slots journey code What makes Kennen so good in this meta? Use stuns quiet often to deny his cs. Item Wise Doran's Blade is advised like most matchups. For masteries, its again straight forward. This champion is an amazing solo queue pick for any mid or top lane veterans looking to carry games with easy to land ults and super high damage output. That is true so I guess that's still the standard start despite it's indirect nerfs to Kennen. He played Kennen versus my caitlyn and I played Kennen versus his Caitlyn.
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BEST KENNEN PLAYS BY THE COMMUNITY – Kennen Montage - (League of Legends / LOL) AD Kennen is good right now because he's a huge bully. If he spiele mit geldmünzen leap E aggressively, punish him for it Be careful of his isolation! Kennen's job is to lock down the enemy team's backline ADC and Support. Solo Kennen guide By Qc-manga updated December 5, S3. Focus on farming because farm is safer and can be more rewarding. Either of these 3.

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Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Putting this item on Kennen maximize his early on damage in an one versus one scenario. This is kind of a skilled matchup. She can dodge your ult with her ult. He is great in the current meta and is good against most laners. It gives you sustain and a lot higher catching possibillities.